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Graudu Enerģija Ltd

Graudu Enerģija Ltd is a company specialising in the procurement of Organic and Conventional cereals, as well as pulses and oilseeds.

Our partners receive the best price for their products.

We provide transport services and, if necessary, pre-processing services (drying and cleaning).

We buy mainly on the farm.

We are fully established among the leading companies in the grain trade, as evidenced by the positive feedback from our partners, who trust us and whose numbers are growing with each load of grain we transport.


Successful cooperation with a knowledgeable person who can offer different solutions and better terms.
I got the feeling that you are working in the interests for the farm as well.

Par mums runā

Mūsu saimniecībai nodrošināja kvalitatīvu servisu, viss bija korekti, nebija nekādu problēmu ar loģistiku, kā arī naudu saņēmu avansā.

Par mums runā

Piedāvā izdevīgāku cenu un nav problēmas ar laicīgu ražas izvešanu, arī apmaksa notika laikus – vienmēr precīzi un sasniedzami.

Grain purchase


We buy both organic and conventional cereals, as well as legumes and oilseeds.

International cooperation

International cooperation

We cooperate with local, European and Scandinavian grain processors. All international deals are insured.

Immediate payment

Immediate payment

We guarantee immediate payments for grain purchases, as well as advance payments if necessary.

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